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Property Division

A spouse’s right to property is often times a big issue in a divorce proceeding. One very important question that spouses often ask during a divorce is, “who will get the house?” or any of their properties for that matter. 

Due to the complexity of property and asset division, it is fundamental to your divorce case to have a highly knowledgeable divorce lawyer to guide you through the complexities of property and asset division after a divorce. 

The Soleymani Law Firm’s expertise in high net worth divorce and complex property division is imperative if you and your spouse share property that needs to be divided. When we are selected to represent you, rest assured that you will be guided every step of the way, and you will never be left in the dark. 

Division Factors

Property Division Factors

When it comes to community property in a divorce, people are quick to assume that everything will automatically be split into half between the spouses. However, often times that is not the case. To give an example, occasionally, one spouse’s separate property may be deemed community property, even though it is a separate property asset. Due to the complexities of property division, it is necessary to have a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer guide you through each step to ensure that you get the best outcome.

Often times property division involves a ton of bargaining and negotiating in order to get the client what he or she wants. Courts don’t always have the resources to do the kind of negotiating and bargaining that is in the best interest of each party. Thus, a divorce attorney is vital to help in this process. At The Soleymani Law Firm, we care about our clients, and always strive to get them the best outcome. We have extensive expertise in human behavior, psychology, and social dynamics, which give us the armor to negotiate the best outcomes for our clients.

Our firm also has extensive experience in the division of marital estates involving complex assets in addition to standard property division issues. We work closely with our clients to identify and secure separate property and resolve any associated disputes. Once all community assets have been identified, we work to ensure that a fair value has been assigned to each one.